Waterproof Tanking to Residential and Commercial

Tanking is the process of sealing the outside of a building or substructure in order to protect it from water ingress, flooding and other water damage. External tanking is usually carried out using "type A" waterproofing systems, a term defined the products that are fully bonded to the structure such as self-adhesive membrane sheets, liquid applied membranes, tanking slurries or a combination of all. It can also be applied to Sub Structural Level (SSL) or Finish Floor Level (FFL) to all areas.

Tanking is a generic term used to describe various mediums which are used to deal with water entering a below-ground building. Tanking membranes are really barriers that are applied to the structure to physically hold back water ingress and are the more traditional method of dealing with water from the ground. The process of external tanking is often carried out when a new structure is being built and requires the protective tanking layer to be installed before the structure is developed further. On the other hand, pre-existing buildings may require remedial external tanking where an existing system has failed or was never installed when the structure was built. We feel that there is a more modern, reliable and risk-free alternative to tanking membranes when we have actual or the potential for water ingress into a structure. The alternative traditional basement tanking methods is the Cavity Drain Membrane.